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Show Me Youth Livestock Judging Series

Rules & Membership


  • To encourage more involvement in the livestock judging activity amongst Missouri youth

  • To encourage further growth in contestants’ ability to observe, understand and recognize differences in live animal evaluation

  • To improve public speaking, poise and confidence in the youth through oral reasons

  • To train youth to be individuals with outstanding honesty, integrity and communication skills

  • To allow more opportunities for youth to expand their knowledge of livestock species


  • Open to all Missouri youth ages 5-21 (as of Jan. 1, 2022)

  • Contestants will be split into four divisions based on age

    • Novice (age 5-8)

    • Junior (age 9-13)

    • Senior (age 14-18)

    • Pro (age 19-21)

  • Youth must register and pay a $10 entry fee by July 1, 2022 to become a member of the Show Me Youth Livestock Judging Series to receive points earned at the participating contests.

    • If the participant registers for the Judging Series after a contest date, the points of the earlier contests will count. However, it would be recommended that the contestant notifies Tawnie DeJong of the contests they have participated in prior to submitting their entry fee.

  • To be eligible for year-end series awards, contestants must compete in a minimum of three (3) eligible contests.

    • Eligible contests include contests listed on the official Show Me Youth Livestock Judging Series flyer distributed in early April.


Rules Cont'd

  • Points will be awarded as follows:

    • Each youth will receive 5 points for each eligible contest completed.

    • Contest points will be awarded based on the youth’s individual placing in their respective age division. Contestants finishing in the top 20 of each contest will receive points.

      1. Points awarded will be 20 for first place, on down to 1 point for 20th place.

      2. Example: 1st place – 20 points, 2nd – 19 points, 3rd – 18 points, etc.

      3. If there are less than 20 contestants in a contest, each contestant will still receive the max 20 points and etc.

    • Points rewarded for rankings of individuals are in addition to participation points given at each contest completed.

    • Points will be awarded according to the youth’s finish against ALL participants in the contest, not just those participating in the Show Me Youth Livestock Judging Series.

    • We understand contestants sometimes move up an age division and fill a team, or a contest may have only one division and not the four recommended. In those and any other instances, the scoring will be awarded in the manner below. Whichever division of the contest a contestant participates in is their choice. The points will be awarded in his/her actual age division 20-1 point(s).

  • All scores from the contests will be acquired from the contests via the chairperson of each individual contest. Therefore, all contest scores will be FINAL once received from the chairperson. The chairperson should send the scores to Tawnie DeJong within two (2) weeks after the contest.

  • Rankings and award winners will be determined by the best three (3) placings at eligible contests, plus points for total contests attended. Youth may participate in as many eligible contests as they would like/are able to. There is no limit on the number of participation points that can be earned.

    1. Example 1: Judge A finishes 1, 5, and 7 at eligible contests. They earn 20, 16 and 14 for top three eligible contests and 15 points for contests attended for a total score of 65 points.

    2. Example 2: Judge B finishes 7, 8, 15, 17, 21, and 29 at eligible contests. They earn 14, 15, and 9 for top three eligible contests and 30 points for contest participation. Judge B then has 68 final points and would beat Judge A in the overall points rankings.

  • In event of a tie, it will be broken as follows:

    1. Average reasons/questions scores from top three eligible contests.

  • There will be awards for the top five (5) participants in the Novice and Pro divisions and the top ten (10) participants in the Junior and Senior divisions. Awards will be presented during the Missouri State Fair.

Tiger Invitational 3.jpg
Tiger Invitational 2.jpg


Submit membership & pay $10 membership fee by July 1, 2022, to be eligible for year-end prizes. Cash or check only. Make checks payable to "Show Me Youth Livestock Judging." Mail to:

Show Me Youth Livestock Judging

c/o Tawnie DeJong

920 E Campus Drive, ASRC S103C

Columbia, MO 65211

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